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Iron Bunny (free shipping!)

Iron Bunny (free shipping!)

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Introducing Iron Bunny MK-1, a revolutionary marvel of miniaturized technology tailored specifically for bunnies. This extraordinary suit is a fusion of advanced materials, incorporating a sleek, metallic exoskeleton that snugly fits around a rabbit's form. It provides the ultimate protection for our furry friends so they can wander freely in the wild without worrying about any threats. The miniature thrusters mounted on the back enable impressive leaps and bounds, transforming the humble rabbit into a high-tech, acrobatic marvel.

Note: This is only a model of the abovementioned fictional charactor and is neither articulated or can fit on a rabit! The product is using 3D printing technology and comes in either silver or gold, with or without the base. Select the style that fits your collection and show them to your fluffy bunny friends the possibility of becoming a superhero!

More Iron-series animals are in development, so please stay tuned and be ready for astonishment!

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